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Welcome to Techinoes

Techinoes is proudly helping team and large business clients in different countries to improve their daily performance with the help of development technologies, applied into marketing, sales, operation and other vital aspects of the enterprise.

Web Design, Mobile App Development, GST Billing And SEO

Techinoes is an international IT partner. We can start from analyzing your actual business requirements for a web solution or a multi-platforms solution, continue with a great web design, web development, third-party integration and mobile development. Since 2020, we have provided effective design and development solutions for our corporate and startup clients.

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Trustworthy Partnership

Our client partners and consultant partners always get the best quality of service and production from Techinoes, with the most advanced financial policies.


Every constraint will be discussed, and we do not accept hidden cost strategy. Therefore, when you’re working with Techinoes, what you see is what you get.


Getting things done is our core. There is no waste in time, effort and resource. We focus on delivering quickly and correctly what clients request.

IP Protection

With dedicated cyber security manpower and partners, your data and applications are in good hand. Our procedure ensures the highest security levels for your concepts, your codes and your databases.


In contrary to software corporates, we can bootstrap together with our clients, rather than asking them for too much too early. Our way is to build something fast and big enough, then grow it together with clients and prove the concept.

Real consulting

You ask, we provide several answers, till you decide which one is the most suitable for your capability, time and money. Our experience in programming and managing projects will help you a lot.

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